City of Ocala HR Director Arrested Again…

Dear, City of Ocala, it’s time to let that POS go. Hopefully no one at the city was ever hurt or abused by him since his last incarceration for abuse. The City needs to put an end to his career and huge salary that we, the tax payers, pay.

Are some of the School Board Members NOT living in their respective districts?

Our sources, as well as Beth McCall’s social media account, stated that Beth McCall, of District 2, now lives in District 1.  Our sources also state that Eric Cummings does not actually live in his district either.

Does Lake Tuscawilla’s large overflow drain run directly into the Aquifer?

When we worked at the City of Ocala, we were told by many that the large drain in Lake Tuscawilla (the duck pond) dumps that run off water directly into OUR Aquifer. We also saw news reports on TV of deep wells being dug across Florida for dumping waste water further into the earth under the aquifer; some of these wells reaching several thousands of feet deep.

Are some of the City Management abusing their time off?

I have someone that is requesting a list of the upper management who have been off for more than two weeks in the past 10 months and the amount of days each of them has been off for.

Assistant City Manager has unaccredited master’s degree, does it matter?

Someone asked us about looking into the master degree held by Bill Kaufman, the Assistant City Manger. They stated, basically, that his degree is from an unaccredited university and isn’t a real master’s degree for the position he holds, or could hold.

City of Ocala Salary Survey

So here’s the data that was given to the company that did the survey as well as their summarization of the survey which the City says is the only thing they received back from the company.

2021 JANUARY – City Salaries

We had a lot of requests come in to do a public records request for a list of all City of Ocala Salaries for 2021.

Domestic Violence, False Imprisonment and more…

Why is this guy still employed with the City of Ocala in a management position?