Our sources, as well as Beth McCall’s social media account, stated that Beth McCall, of District 2, now lives in District 1. (Allison Campbell is the officially elected board member of District 1 and does in fact live in District 1.)   Our sources also state that Eric Cummings does not actually live in his district either.

So, what happens to all the agenda items that have been voted on if it’s found that these two, and any others, have been misleading not only Marion County but the people for which they are supposed to represent?   Can they be held accountable for any losses of revenue for agenda items that may have not been voted on legally, will any agenda items need to be voted on again?  As a tax-paying citizen, I certainly DO NOT want my taxes to be used to clean up a possible mess caused by any of them that are misrepresenting their districts.  In this day and age, we have to hold EVERYONE that’s an elected official accountable, especially at the local level.

We submitted a public records request for any documentation that proves all the school board members actually live in their districts. We will update this post with our findings.

A very concerned citizen and tax payer also sent this email:

Mrs. McCall,

It has become public knowledge that you have moved your residence from the District you were elected to represent, District #2 to District #1.  Please note the following two items:

  • Florida Statute 1001.34 section one states:   1) Each district school board shall be composed of not less than five members. Each member of the district school board shall be a qualified elector of the district in which she or he serves, shall be a resident of the district school board member residence area from which she or he is elected, and shall maintain said residency throughout her or his term of office.
  • Your current Residency Affidavit filed with the supervisor of elections office which you signed 05.26.2020 states:  The office of School Board; that I am qualified as an elector in the State of Florida; and that at the time of qualifying will reside in School Board District #2 as affirmed on my voter registration as my legal residence and will maintain continuous residency in the district I represent throughout my term of office. (copy attached)

Can you please explain to me why you are not currently in violation of the State Statute and your Affidavit of Residency by moving from District 2 to 1?